Packaging As Natural As
Organic Waste.

Reazure makes your packaging as compostable as organic waste.

For the best future of nature.


Reazure is a leading developer and trader of compostable plastic compounds for a wide range of applications and finished products from China, based on a famous chinese PBAT manufacturer, RED AVENUE, which is authorized by BASF( Being backed by the raw material factory(Red Avenue), Reazure has a huge and stable output, and excellent performance of products.


Reazure provides solutions for the entire chain of supply. We provide biodegradable compounds for producers, reels of film and laminate for converters, custom made-to-order packaging for brands. We will offer you the best compostable plastic products and help to reduce the cost.


We hope to be your reliable business partner.

Reazure provides Modified compounds of PBAT and all kinds of finished products

Modified compounds

We provide 100% compostable modified compounds of PBAT which can be used in blown film, casting and laminating processes to make high quality compostable plastic products.

Compostable Plastic bags and films

Our finished products are mainly  all kinds of compostable plastic bags, including shopping bags, electronic product packaging bags, food packaging bags, apparel packaging bags, express bags,garbage and pet feces bags, mulch, compostable plastic film and laminates, etc. All sizes are available. If you have any custom requirements on size, thickness and style, please tell us, our experts will provide you with professional opinions and suggestions.


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